OSI® SC-170™ Vapor & Acoustical Sound Sealant

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OSI® SC-170™ Vapor & Acoustical Sound Sealant

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OSI® SC-170™ Vapor & Acoustical Sound Sealant OSI SC-170 is an acoustical sound sealant specifically designed for reducing sound transmission in all types of wall partitions to maintain specified STC values. The sealant is non-hardening, non-staining and very tacky. It adheres to drywall, wood, metal, masonry, polyethylene and other building materials. SC-170 provides an air tight vapor barrier when used with polyethylene sheeting to help prevent air infiltration and the formation of condensation.

  • Long lasting adhesion to hard to bond surfaces such as polyethylene vapor barrier
  • Reduces sound transmission in wall systems
  • Remains flexible
  • Meets specified STC values
  • 28 fl oz (825ml) cartridge
  • Black
Clean Up

Mineral spirits or paint thinner

OSI® SC-170™ Vapor & Acoustical Sound Sealant

Recommended for

OSI SC-170 was developed primarily for commercial construction utilizing light weight cavity walls and floor systems. The sealant is used for unexposed applications at perimeter joints, floor and ceiling runners (either wood or metal), cut-outs in gypsum board, veneer plaster systems and other areas where a sound rated assembly is required.
Acoustical Sealant: Reduces sound transmission of partition systems. It will effectively increase the Sound Transmission Class (STC) value by as much as 65% by properly sealing partition openings. See ASTM C 919 Section 8.2.2 for use of non-drying and non-skinning sealants in acoustical applications. The sealant is nonbleeding and will not stain walls.
Vapor Barrier Sealant: Maintains a positive airtight seal by remaining both permanently adhesive and flexible for all substrates that it is applied on, such as polyethylene vapor barrier films, wood, concrete, metal and foam boards. It is excellent for sealing roof drains and behind termination bar details for commercial roofing applications.
Bedding Sealant: Used as a buck frame, threshold or bedding sealant when applied to metal or glass surfaces.
Curtainwall Sealant: Prevents air infiltration and water leakage in unexposed curtain wall joints.

Not Recommended for

  • Not recommended for continuous water submersion applications.
  • SC-170 is non-skinning. It cannot be painted and should only be used in non-exposed areas



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